Buy NYC Diesel Budder



Buy NYC Diesel Budder

Buy NYC Diesel Budder 

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 0% Indica / 60% Sativa

THC: 72% – 76%

NYC Diesel is a 60% sativa dominant strain that blends both Mexican and Afghani landrace genetics. It carries with it a pungent mix of tart grapefruits and sour citrus fruit aromas. NYC Diesel is a great daytime strain, as it provides strong cerebral stimulation that aid in mental clarity and alertness. In addition to the energizing effects this strain provides, NYC Diesel also boosts mood and excites creativity, making this strain effective in treating cases of depression. Over time the effects of this strain pull the body into a moderate state of relaxation that does not induce sleepiness, but may stimulate appetite in some users. NYC Diesel is most effective in treating conditions of anxiety / social anxiety, depression, chronic pain, lack of appetite, and low mood.


Budder is something between shatter and wax, but it’s made using the same technique (butane hash oil—BHO extraction). The first difference is in the purity: budder has fewer cannabinoids but is richer in terpenes. To use budder, put it in a bong or pipe, add it to a joint or blunt.