Cobra Extracts Vape Cartridge



Cobra Extracts Vape Cartridge

Cobra Extracts Vape Cartridge.  Their cannabis oil or “Venom” as they call it, is all natural, pure and free of harmful solvents. Available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid cannabis oil cartridges.

A few puffs with a standard 510 threaded vape battery (we used a master vape) and we were flying high. The draw was nice and smooth with a mild flavor, nothing crazy and as expected from most mid to top tier vapes, but this was definitely some quality and high potency vape oil.

We then tried an OG Kush (Hybrid) cartridge which was much better in flavor with hints of classic OG Kush taste – this is more like it! The OG Kush vape induced an intense soporific high, leaving us feeling tired, but also very calm and relaxed. Finally, we tried the Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid) cartridge which was very pleasant to the taste, resembling chocolate cookies.

We’d consider Cobra Venom vapes to be in the same class as the mid to high-end Bhang Pure Oil Vape cartridges that are within the 55-70% THC range. Big plus for Venom cartridges which contain 500 mg of cannabis oil with 60% being THC (average of 300 mg THC) versus Bhang Pure cartridges which contains around 250 mg of THC on average.


All Venom cartridges were labeled with lab test results at 60-70% THC. However, some of their lab test results are actually upwards of 78% for popular strains like Jack Herer and OG Kush. Cobra Extracts really cares about quality and transparency as a company – we spoke to the owners directly and learned that they are conservative about the labeling of their lab fact numbers – it is well known within the medical cannabis industry that lab results can vary wildly.

OG Kush

  • THC 63%
  • CBN 4-5%
  • CBD 0.5 – 1.5%

NY Diesel

  • THC 61%
  • CBN 1-2%
  • CBD 0.5 – 1.5%

Girl Scout Cookies

  • THC 62%
  • CBN 1.5 – 2.5%
  • CBD 0.5% – 1.5%