Flight Farms Oil Cartridges




Flight Farms Oil Cartridges

Flight Farms Oil Cartridges redefines the convenience and quality of vaping. Crafting high-quality vape cartridges, it utilizes the latest in technology coupled with clean. Solvent-free cannabis distillate infused with cannabis-sourced terpenes. Positive, potent, and striving towards for perfection. Moreover, each cart is infused with cannabis distillate testing between the high 80s to low 90s % THC.

Available Strains/Flavors


It provides a wonderfully sweet yet subtle diesel aroma. The uplifting effects provide a sense of well-being and happiness.

King Louis

This flavor features a musky pine & earthy scent. The taste is a crisp, refreshing citrus with tinges of skunk. King Louis provides users with a sense of deep relaxation and sedation. A great aid in alleviating stress and anxiety.


It offers an incredibly inviting and unique piney aroma coupled with a long-lasting relaxed high. The calming blend of effects will leave you feeling relaxed, as if you were floating in the clouds for hours.


Complemented by an invitingly sweet and fruity aroma that will be sure to tantalize your senses. Leave your stress and anxiety behind, and also take flight with your creative spirit on the Pineapple Express.


The well-balanced high is flexible for a variety of settings – from introspective solo sessions to buzzy social surroundings. So, this would be appropriate for parties, where its unique aroma and taste is sure to sweeten every moment.

Smoking vs vaping

Vaping has become a popular way for people to consume cannabis.

In this manner, the cannabis is housed in a thin, pen-like device. It’s less odorous and more discreet than smoking.

Many users also find it much less irritating on their throats than traditional smoking.

Also, research out of Johns Hopkins University Trusted Source in Maryland suggests that vaping marijuana versus smoking it delivers a more powerful punch.

Researchers at the school’s Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit tested 17 healthy adults who smoked and vaped various amounts of marijuana — from none to 25 milligrams of THC — for the first time in at least a month.

The lower doses created less impairment, but the 25-milligram dose affected everyone, including one research subject who experienced hallucinations.

But no matter the dose, researchers in this small double-blind placebo trial found that no matter the amount of THC, those who vaped marijuana reported more powerful effects, including serious impairment in their reaction time and overall cognitive abilities.


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