Huxton Zen Pre-Rolls UK



Huxton Zen Pre-Rolls UK

Huxton Zen Pre-Rolls UK is a multi-strain blend of our favourite strains, best known for bringing energy and euphoria. Current ZEN ingredients: Wonder Woman OG, Blue Dream and Master Kush.

So, find your peace with ZEN, a smooth harmony of relaxation and rejuvenation. Take a moment for yourself and pair with a night in, the quiet outdoors, or a ridiculously comfortable outfit.

Huxton is a lifestyle cannabis brand products labelled by the effect they bring. Therefore, you have control and consistency in bringing the “right” experience to your moment. Live the life you choose to lead, and enjoy proudly.

Pre-Rolls UK

The best thing about pre-rolled joints is that you can just pop in and out of a pot shop and be puffing in minutes.

In addition, pre-rolled joints are a great introduction to cannabis, whether it’s your first smoke of the night or first smoke of the decade. They are ready-to-smoke, portable, require no additional setup or paraphernalia and allow the user to gauge their high instantaneously as they smoke (unlike edibles that are often recommended as a first experience but can lead to over-consumption with their delayed onset). Plus, pre rolls are quick and easy for bringing to shows and outings where sitting down to roll your favourite herb into a wrap would be ill-advised.

All the work is done for you. All you have to do is light up.

Finally, pre-rolled joints allow people who don’t know how to roll their own joint.