Remedy Live Resin Cartridges

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Remedy Live Resin Cartridges

Remedy Live Resin Cartridges

This THC vape cart uses live resin instead of the more popular distillate and has awesome taste. Nothing lacking on oil quality at all here. It adheres to strict testing standards and it’s all clean. Remedy’s THC oil is thick and it moves slow. The Remedy carts taste just like a high end live resin, which is exactly what they are. Nothing on here seems food-type flavored.

The Remedy Vape Pens come with a USB charger, pen battery, and a vape cartridge. Everything comes packaged in a discreet and minimalist carrying case bearing the Remedy logo.

The rechargeable vaporizer pen emits virtually no odour until ingested and exhaled. You can smell the remnants of the flavor profile that you have selected. There are different flavors currently available, and each one is tart, strong, and true to the flavor you would expect from our expertly crafted extracts.


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