Spliffin Vape Cartridges UK




Spliffin Vape Cartridges UK

Spliffin Vape Cartridges UK produces top-notch cannabis oils, pre-filled in quality vape cartridges ready to go! Pure Good Vybes cartridges with highly concentrated cannabis oils rated at 70%+ THC.

In addition, Spliffin vape cartridges contain thick oil, rich in terpenes you can taste. Terpenes extracted from premium quality flowers are added back into the oil – exaggerating the flower’s natural taste as well as  aroma.

Quality Cartridges

Aside from amazing quality in flavor and potency, these Spliffin cannabis oils are pre-filled in noticeably well-constructed cartridges that feel great to the touch. Having some added weight, the metal cartridges not only feel sturdy, but also look elegant compared to your average vape. The metal mouthpiece tip fits great against the lips, adding a nice finishing touch to the overall vaping experience. The empty cartridges are hard to throw out!

Available Strains

Spliffin Pure Good Vybes cartridges are available in five proprietary strains:

  • Tangie (Sativa), Jack Herer (Sativa), Super Lemon Haze (Sativa), Spliffin OG (Indica), Dante’s Fire (Indica) and also Donna OG

Available Cartridge Sizes:  1 g

Additives: No known additives in Spliffin Pure cartridges.

Potency: 70%+ THC (700 mg of THC per ml)

Compatibility: Works with most vape pens using universal 510 threading.

Finally, Spliffin OG is a proprietary indica-dominant blend, a hybrid cross between Larry OG and a classic OG strain. The taste and aroma is quite floral, having peppery undertones and a hint of lavender. We found the cerebral high and body high to work well for easing tension, followed by a comfy, relaxing effect.

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Dante’s Fire (I), Donna OG (I), Jack Herer (S), Spliffin OG (I), Super Lemon Haze (S), Tangie (S)